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Experienced & Well knowledgeable Builders.

More About Us

zenarch construction

Zenarch Construction is chiefly an architectural firm with a desire to fully implement its projects. The business approach is motivated by the need to innovate, motivate and inspire. As such the zenarch team involved in the design process carries out research of modern trends, techniques and technologies which are sustainable to implement in Africa and Zimbabwe in particular. In the field we strive to protect our workforce, the environment and the quality of our work.

Our clients form the centre of our planning processes. This means even from the design stage we do our best to think of the client’s dream home/structure and their desire to make history.

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Why People
Choose Zenarch
  • Well Considered Design
  • We Have The Expertise
  • Seamless Craftsmanship

Our Team

We have talented and dedicated specialists, artisans and craftsmen with strong practical and technical skills in design, engineering, construction and project management.

Quality Assured

Our team is committed to creating long lasting project solutions. We have multi-disciplinary members that work on a variety of projects bringing forth expertise in innovative solutions and methodologies for safe and cost-effective operations.

Free Consultations

Our doors are always open to assist clients with all kinds of project requirements that they might have.

Reasonable Pricing

Not only do we get the job done, we offer competitive rates that ensure smooth flow of the task at hand.

Our company's
corporate values.

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